Vigilancia tecnológica

Vigilancia Tecnológica

Fecha Título
2024-05-07 Envases activos antimicrobianos para alargar la vida útil de productos cárnicos
2024-01-25 Alpla acquires Caribbean packaging specialist
2023-11-07 EcoeFISHent desarrollará un recubrimiento barrera para el envasado de alimentos y cosméticos
2023-11-06 Nuevos productos para el envasado de alimentos y cosméticos a partir de subproductos procedentes del mar
2023-11-06 @aimplas Nuevos productos para el envasado de alimentos y cosméticos, a partir de subproductos procedentes del mar
2023-10-23 @aimplas Polímeros naturales: nueva solución para envases sostenibles
2023-06-06 Aimplas desarrollará nuevos envases monouso exentos del nuevo impuesto al plástico
2023-05-30 AIMPLAS trabaja en nuevos envases monouso aceptados por la legislación a partir de algas o almidón
2023-05-18 La tradición y la tecnología se fusionan en La Rioja
2023-05-04 El instituto IIT Roorkee desarrolla sensores biobasados con indicadores de color para envases inteligentes
2023-04-06 Residuos que genera la industria láctea son perjudiciales para el reciclaje
2023-04-05 Del Pingo al Tango: una propuesta gastronómica en innovación constante
2023-03-23 La producción de bioplásticos se triplicará en los próximos años
2023-03-08 @aimplas Los bioplásticos triplicarán su producción hasta 2027 y alcanzarán los 6,3 millones de toneladas
2023-03-03 Los bioplásticos triplicarán su producción hasta 2027 y alcanzarán los 6,3 millones de toneladas
2023-02-27 Un envase activo a partir del residuo del queso alarga su vida útil entre 5 y 10 días
2023-02-27 @aimplas El proyecto GO Orleans logra alargar la vida útil del queso mediante la utilización de sero
2023-01-19 Proteínas fermentadas: la clave para añadir valor nutricional a los alimentos
2023-01-09 Así se movió la industria del empaque durante 2022
2023-01-05 Informa Markets revela a los ganadores de los premios Fi Europe Innovation Awards
2022-11-14 AIMPLAS to develop bioplastics for active packaging for cosmetics and absorbent litter for pets for the BeonNAT Project
2022-10-24 Innovan envases compostables con cáscaras de almendras y suero de queso
2022-08-30 Tecnologías para producir masa de maíz fresca en la industria de la tortilla y snacks
2022-05-10 Alpina Ecuador innova empaques biodegradables y de material PET
2022-04-20 AIMPLAS incrementó sus ingresos un 20% en 2021
2022-04-12 AIMPLAS rozó los 18 millones de euros de ingresos en 2021, un 20% más que el año anterior
2022-03-29 GO Orleans convertirá el suero en recubrimientos que alargarán la vida del queso entre un 25% y un 50%
Fecha Título
2024-04-29 Study on the Properties of PLA- and PP-Based Films for Food Applications Incorporating Orange Peel Extract from Agricultural by-Products
2024-04-28 Unveiling the Future of Meat Packaging: Functional Biodegradable Packaging Preserving Meat Quality and Safety
2024-04-26 Physico-Chemical Characteristics of pH-Driven Active Film Loading with Curcumin Based on the Egg White Protein and Sodium Alginate Matrices
2024-04-17 Νovel Polylactic Acid/Tetraethyl Citrate Self-Healable Active Packaging Films Applied to Pork Fillets’ Shelf-Life Extension
2024-04-15 Electrospinning in Food Packaging: Current Trend and Future Direction
2024-04-09 Active Films of Cassava Starch Incorporated with Carvacrol Nanocapsules
2024-04-09 Peppermint oil?infused polylactic acid films: A novel approach for antimicrobial and biodegradable food packaging
2024-03-21 Pectin From Fruit Peel Waste: A Sustainable Source for Production of Active Packaging Films
2024-03-07 Development of Sustainable and Active Food Packaging Materials Composed by Chitosan, Polyvinyl Alcohol and Quercetin Functionalized Layered Clay
2024-02-26 Low-Density Polyethylene-Based Novel Active Packaging Film for Food Shelf-Life Extension via Thyme-Oil Control Release from SBA-15 Nanocarrier
2024-02-25 Natural Extracts and Their Applications in Polymer-Based Active Packaging: A Review
2024-02-22 The role of extracted Patchouli residue microparticle on the mechanical and microbial properties macroalgae biopolymer
2024-01-31 Active Cellulose-Based Food Packaging and Its Use on Foodstuff
2024-01-29 Mechanisms of Action and Preservation Effects of Packaging Systems for Mushrooms: Novel Approaches to Preserve Irish Edible Mushrooms
2024-01-19 Recent Highlights in Sustainable Bio-Based Edible Films and Coatings for Fruit and Vegetable Applications
2024-01-15 Aloe vera/Chitosan-Based Edible Film with Enhanced Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, Thermal, and Barrier Properties for Sustainable Food Preservation
2024-01-12 White?button mushroom storage in trays with layerings of chitosan and turmeric
2024-01-11 Camelina sativa Oilseed Cake as a Potential Source of Biopolymer Films: A Chemometric Approach to Synthesis, Characterization, and Optimization
2023-12-29 Natamycin-Loaded Ethyl Cellulose/PVP Films Developed by Microfluidic Spinning for Active Packaging
2023-12-24 Influence of Epilobium parviflorum Herbal Extract on Physicochemical Properties of Thermoplastic Starch Films
2023-12-21 Applications of Plant Bioactive Compounds as Replacers of Synthetic Additives in the Food Industry
2023-12-16 Tensile and heat resistance behavior of modified thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer in anisotropic neodymium?iron?born bonded magnet
2023-12-15 Active and Intelligent Biodegradable Packaging Based on Anthocyanins for Preserving and Monitoring Protein-Rich Foods
2023-11-30 Innovative HDPE Composites Enriched with UV Stabilizer and Diatomaceous Earth/Zinc Oxide for Enhanced Seafood Packaging and Antimicrobial Properties
2023-11-29 US Consumers’ Awareness, Purchase Intent, and Willingness to Pay for Packaging That Reduces Household Food Waste
2023-11-18 Obtention and Study of Polyurethane-Based Active Packaging with Curcumin and/or Chitosan Additives for Fruits and Vegetables—Part I: Analysis of Morphological, Mechanical, Barrier, and Migration Properties
2023-11-15 Incorporation of garlic essential oil (Allium sativum) into cellulose acetate films: effect on the preservation of sliced cooked ham
2023-11-05 Development of acrylic based antimicrobial water?based ink using curcumin for active packaging applications
2023-11-03 Active and Intelligent Packaging: A Review of the Possible Application of Cyclodextrins in Food Storage and Safety Indicators
2023-11-02 Recent Advances in the Carotenoids Added to Food Packaging Films: A Review
2023-10-22 Synthesis of star poly (L-lactic acid) and its copolymers catalyzed by lipase in supercritical carbon dioxide
2023-10-20 Polycaprolactone/Anthocyanin-Based Electrospun Volatile Amines Gas Indicator with Improved Visibility by Varying Bi-Solvent Ratio: A Case of Intelligent Packaging of Mackerel
2023-10-16 Smart Packaging Based on Polylactic Acid: The Effects of Antibacterial and Antioxidant Agents from Natural Extracts on Physical–Mechanical Properties, Colony Reduction, Perishable Food Shelf Life, and Future Prospective
2023-10-04 Recent Trends in Active Packaging Using Nanotechnology to Inhibit Oxidation and Microbiological Growth in Muscle Foods
2023-10-03 Effect of phosphonium?based ionic liquids on the structuration and physical properties of LIonomers
2023-09-27 Designing an Oxygen Scavenger Multilayer System Including Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Adsorbents for Potential Use in Food Packaging
2023-09-25 Effect of Anthocyanins on Colorimetric Indicator Film Properties
2023-09-02 Edible Coatings and Future Trends in Active Food Packaging–Fruits’ and Traditional Sausages’ Shelf Life Increasing
2023-09-02 Unleashing the potential of bio?nanoparticles from invasive cattail as reinforcement in packaging film to extend the shelf life of poultry meat
2023-09-01 Essential Oils and Their Combination with Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bacteriocins to Improve the Safety and Shelf Life of Foods: A Review
2023-08-31 Development of Indicator Film Based on Cassava Starch–Chitosan Incorporated with Red Dragon Fruit Peel Anthocyanins–Gambier Catechins to Detect Banana Ripeness
2023-08-14 Active packaging to prevent lipid oxidation on Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa HBK) stored under varying temperatures
2023-08-07 Functional, Physical, and Volatile Characterization of Chitosan/Starch Food Films Functionalized with Mango Leaf Extract
2023-07-31 The Antibacterial Effect of the Films Coated with the Layers Based on Uncaria tomentosa and Formitopsis betulina Extracts and ZnO Nanoparticles and Their Influence on the Secondary Shelf-Life of Sliced Cooked Ham
2023-07-27 Xanthoceras sorbifolia Husk Extract Incorporation for the Improvement in Physical and Antioxidant Properties of Soy Protein Isolate Films
2023-07-20 Combined effects of ethylene scavenging?active packaging system and modified atmosphere to reduce postharvest losses of ethylene sensitive produce: Banana and kiwifruit
2023-07-18 Dual natural antioxidant?loaded chitosan?graft?oleic acid micelles by ultrasound?assisted self?assembly: Potential additives for antioxidant active packaging
2023-07-12 A conceptual model for food industry views on the commercialisation of active and intelligent packaging
2023-07-10 Progress in release?activated food packaging films
2023-07-03 Thymol@activated Carbon Nanohybrid for Low-Density Polyethylene-Based Active Packaging Films for Pork Fillets’ Shelf-Life Extension
2023-06-29 Encapsulation of Tea Polyphenol in Zein through Complex Coacervation Technique to Control the Release of the Phenolic Compound from Gelatin–Zein Composite Film
2023-05-31 A Systematic Review of Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria ternatea L.): Extraction and Application as a Food Freshness pH-Indicator for Polymer-Based Intelligent Packaging
2023-05-31 Fabrication of Electrospun PVA/Zein/Gelatin Based Active Packaging for Quality Maintenance of Different Food Items
2023-05-30 Sustainable Carrageenan/Nanocomposite Films Incorporated with Optimized Zingiber officinale Extracts for Active Packaging Systems
2023-05-30 Himalayan Sources of Anthocyanins and Its Multifunctional Applications: A Review
2023-05-23 MIL-100(Fe)-Based Composite Films for Food Packaging
2023-05-16 Electrospun Food Polysaccharides Loaded with Bioactive Compounds: Fabrication, Release, and Applications
2023-05-09 Chitosan Based Biodegradable Composite for Antibacterial Food Packaging Application
2023-05-08 Improvement of Natural Polymeric Films Properties by Blend Formulation for Sustainable Active Food Packaging
2023-04-21 Material Breakthroughs in Smart Food Monitoring: Intelligent Packaging and On?Site Testing Technologies for Spoilage and Contamination Detection
2023-03-25 An intelligent indicator for warning of short?term high CO2 damage to garlic scapes
2023-03-09 Potato Chips Byproducts as Feedstocks for Developing Active Starch-Based Films with Potential for Cheese Packaging
2023-02-20 Assessment of Zataria Multiflora Essential Oil—Incorporated Electrospun Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Mat as Active Packaging
2023-02-16 Lignin Nanoparticles for Enhancing Physicochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Polybutylene Succinate/Thymol Composite Film for Active Packaging
2023-02-15 A Review on Antimicrobial Packaging for Extending the Shelf Life of Food
2023-02-12 Formation and Investigation of Physicochemical and Microbiological Properties of Biocomposite Films Containing Turmeric Extract Nano/Microcapsules
2023-01-25 The importance of local process conditions on the properties of fused filament fabrication printed polypropylene components
2023-01-18 Utilization of Food Waste and By-Products in the Fabrication of Active and Intelligent Packaging for Seafood and Meat Products
2023-01-12 Application of Iron Nanoparticle-Based Materials in the Food Industry
2023-01-05 Development, Characterization, and Evaluation as Food Active Packaging of Low-Density-Polyethylene-Based Films Incorporated with Rich in Thymol Halloysite Nanohybrid for Fresh “Scaloppini” Type Pork Meat Fillets Preservation
2023-01-05 Colloidal Solutions as Advanced Coatings for Active Packaging Development: Focus on PLA Systems
2023-01-04 Experimental and modeling studies of IPDI?based polyurea elastomers – The role of hard segment fraction
2023-01-04 Extending High Fatty Foods Shelf-Fife from Lipid Oxidation and Microbiological Contamination: An Approach Using Active Packaging with Pomegranate Extract
2022-12-26 Development of a Quantitative Colour-Based Software Method to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Active Antioxidant Packaging on Fresh Sliced Mushrooms
2022-12-10 Supercritical CO2 Impregnation of Clove Extract in Polycarbonate: Effects of Operational Conditions on the Loading and Composition
2022-12-05 Cold Plasma Technology in Food Packaging
2022-12-05 Active Packaging Film Based on Poly Lactide-Poly (Butylene Adipate-Co-Terephthalate) Blends Incorporated with Tannic Acid and Gallic Acid for the Prolonged Shelf Life of Cherry Tomato
2022-12-01 Active Packaging Material Based on Immobilized Diatomaceous Earth/Zinc Oxide/High-Density Polyethylene Composite for Sea Food and Products
2022-11-26 Antimicrobial Active Packaging Containing Nisin for Preservation of Products of Animal Origin: An Overview
2022-11-23 Active Films Based on Starch and Wheat Gluten (Triticum vulgare) for Shelf-Life Extension of Carrots
2022-11-19 Assessing Consumers’ Preference and Loyalty towards Biopolymer Films for Food Active Packaging
2022-11-16 From Classical to Advanced Use of Polymers in Food and Beverage Applications
2022-11-16 Novel Features of Cellulose-Based Films as Sustainable Alternatives for Food Packaging
2022-11-11 Biodegradable Active Packaging Material Containing Grape Seed Ethanol Extract and Corn Starch/κ-Carrageenan Composite Film
2022-11-08 Zein and Spent Coffee Grounds Extract as a Green Combination for Sustainable Food Active Packaging Production: An Investigation on the Effects of the Production Processes
2022-11-05 Synthesis and performance evaluation of carboxyl?rich low phosphorus copolymer scale inhibitor
2022-11-05 Polyethylene with MoS2 nanoparticles toward antibacterial active packaging
2022-10-26 Antimicrobial Activity of Cobalt (II)-Citrate against Common Foodborne Pathogens and Its Potential for Incorporation into Food Packaging Material
2022-10-11 Active Packaging Films Made by Complex Coacervation of Tragacanth Gum and Gelatin Loaded with Curcumin; Characterization and Antioxidant Activity
2022-10-11 The Green Era of Food Packaging: General Considerations and New Trends
2022-10-04 Use of Hazelnut Perisperm as an Antioxidant for Production of Sustainable Biodegradable Active Films
2022-09-27 Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral Polymeric Food Packaging in Post-COVID-19 Era
2022-09-23 Development of pH-Indicative and Antimicrobial Films Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol/Starch Incorporated with Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate and Mulberry Anthocyanin for Active Packaging
2022-09-21 Shikonin: Extraction, properties and applications in active and intelligent packaging
2022-09-20 Inhibitory Effect against Listeria monocytogenes of Carbon Nanoparticles Loaded with Copper as Precursors of Food Active Packaging
2022-09-19 Active Packaging for the Extended Shelf-Life of Meat: Perspectives from Consumption Habits, Market Requirements and Packaging Practices in China and New Zealand
2022-09-19 Synthesis and Characterization of Reproducible Linseed Oil-Loaded Silica Nanoparticles with Potential Use as Oxygen Scavengers in Active Packaging
2022-09-16 Biopolymer?based sachets enriched with acorn shell extracts produced by ultrasound?assisted extraction for active packaging
2022-09-16 Recent Advances and Applications in Starch for Intelligent Active Food Packaging: A Review
2022-09-14 Enhanced Antibacterial Performance of Chitosan/Corn Starch Films Containing TiO2/Graphene for Food Packaging
2022-09-12 Source of Nanocellulose and Its Application in Nanocomposite Packaging Material: A Review
2022-09-10 Functional Polymer and Packaging Technology for Bakery Products
2022-09-07 Bio-Nanocomposite Based on Edible Gelatin Film as Active Packaging from Clarias gariepinus Fish Skin with the Addition of Cellulose Nanocrystalline and Nanopropolis
2022-09-06 Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from Blackcurrant By-Products and Possible Uses of the Extracts in Active Packaging
2022-09-06 Polymeric Packaging Applications for Seafood Products: Packaging-Deterioration Relevance, Technology and Trends
2022-09-05 Colorimetric Freshness Indicator Based on Cellulose Nanocrystal–Silver Nanoparticle Composite for Intelligent Food Packaging
2022-09-02 Production and Characterization of Biocomposite Films of Bacterial Cellulose from Kombucha and Coated with Chitosan
2022-08-30 Eco-Friendly Edible Packaging Systems Based on Live-Lactobacillus kefiri MM5 for the Control of Listeria monocytogenes in Fresh Vegetables
2022-08-25 Correction: Xie et al. Preparation and Characterization of New Electrospun Poly(Lactic Acid) Nanofiber Antioxidative Active Packaging Films Containing MCM-41 Mesoporous Molecular Sieve Loaded with Phloridzin and Their Application in Strawberry Packaging. Nanomaterials 2022, 12, 1229
2022-08-23 Mechanochemically Scaled-Up Alpha Cyclodextrin Nanosponges: Their Safety and Effectiveness as Ethylene Scavenger
2022-08-17 Effect of Gaseous Citral on Table Grapes Contaminated by Rhizopus oryzae ITEM 18876
2022-08-09 Food sensors: Off?package and on?package approaches
2022-04-22 Métodos analíticos para determinar lactonas macrocíclicas en diferentes tipos de matrices. una revisión

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